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Tokyo Couture Fashion Week is scheduled to be held on Friday, October 18, 2024.
We are looking for designers from Japan and abroad who would like to showcase their work at this memorable first international fashion show.

【Entry fee】

10 outfits = $3,000
1 outfit = $300
Minimum Outfits are 10

【Entry deadline】

Wednesday, July 31st

【What is included in the participation fee】

・10 models
・Model hair styling and makeup
・photography shoot
・Video shooting
・Media exposure
・Backstage service
・Floor management
・Dinner & drinks
・2 VIP seats

【Flow from entry to the day】

① First screening: Apply using the dedicated entry form
② The management office will contact you via the registered email or phone number.
③ Complete registration by transferring the participation fee of $3,000 to the designated account.
④ Posted on official website and SNS as a participating designer
⑤ Preliminary meeting (several times)
⑥ Fitting and party for those involved the day before the fashion show
⑦ Rehearsal on the day

【Fashion show participation benefits】

★ Upload the interview article on the official website and SNS
★ The designer who was selected as Best Fashion Designer at the Award received the prestigious award of “Best Fashion Designer 2024” from Oriental Fashion Show Paris. You will also have the opportunity to present your work at the Oriental Fashion Show Paris, which will be held in Paris in 2025.