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Tokyo Couture Fashion Week is scheduled to be held on October 18, 2024.
We are looking for runway models who would like to appear in this memorable first international fashion show.

Entries start from January 1, 2024!
We will be holding an audition!

【Application conditions】

Height: 168cm or more
*Regardless of nationality, age, gender, or modeling experience

【Entry deadline】

Sunday, June 23rd

【Flow from entry to the day】

① Apply using the dedicated entry form
② First screening: Document screening (only those who pass will be advised of the second screening)
③ Second screening: Walking screening (those living far away can also use zoom or video screening. Only those who pass will be informed of the second screening)
④ Third screening Zoom interview (only successful candidates will be notified of success)
⑤ Transfer the registration fee of $125 to the designated account to complete registration.
⑥ Participate in the kick-off briefing session (scheduled to be held via zoom)
⑦ Posted on official website and SNS as an official model
⑧ Walking lesson (from July)
⑨ Fitting the day before the fashion show (participation required)
⑩ Rehearsal on the day (participation required)

【Fashion show appearance benefits】

★ Upload the interview article on the official website and SNS
★ All participating models will receive a Tokyo Couture Fashion Show participation certificate.
★ The two models selected as Best Model at the Award will receive a certificate of “Best Model 2024” from Oriental Fashion Show Paris and the right to appear as a model at Oriental Fashion Show Paris to be held in Paris in 2025. will be awarded.